Thursday, February 2, 2012

toontracker screenshots

The main screen
The daily pvp todo list

The results of the browse companion buttons.  The companions are selectable which leads to companion overview screen.

The first tab of the companion overview screen.  This screen shows the companion's quest preferences.

The companions gift preferences.

The companion gear, primary stats and crew skill bonuses.

The results of selecting search gifts buttons from main page.  This is the list of gift types.

Selecting a gift brings up the list of companions which respond positively to this gift.  The preference is color coded, Green, yellow, red.  In this case, we see Imperial Memorabilia is best liked by Malavai.

This is the new toon screen.  The class list is populated by the Adv classes specialty trees.  I assume at least one of the adv classes will have more talents choices than the other two.

This is the list of toons.  I've got six toons as imperial so the toons are shown in red.  I've hardcoded these toons in the database.  On final release these database entries will be removed.  They could easily be deleted from the database if you want to use this tool now.

This is the toons overview page.  It is a result of picking a toon above.

This is the toons crew skill details page.  The number corresponding to the level is clickable and allows you to set the level at run time.

This is the toon gear page.  For now its just a gridview with blank data.  I'm planning on having a gear scrore like capability here based upon the rating.

This is showing the menu that is available from just about all screens.

These screenshots do not show help, about splash screen, export/import progress dialog or crew skill summary.  I will post the summary page when its complete.

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