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Pulseaudio pavucontrol and audacious screenshot

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links on virtualization

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Vacuum Gague Board

This is the custom printed circuit board (PCB) I built in my kitchen for the Vacuum sensor. The board consists of a voltage regulator and a freescale semiconductor vacuum sensor. The sensor outputs a voltage proportional to the vacuum. Sadly my circuit is not very linear though. here

Tach and Vacuum Gauge

Three videos for the Dodge Ram50 triple gauge I'm building.

The first video is of the tach capability side by side with an off the shelf tach. It shows the tach in line with the off the shelf one as a calibration test.


The second video shows the calibration of the sensor board and User Interface in calibration with the vacuum hand pump and the vacuum gauge. The sensor board is not connected to the truck vacuum system.


The third video shows the sensor board and mechanical vacuum gauge connected to the truck vacuum system. The hand pump is no longer connected.